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National emergency needed to treat social issues, Prof. Iqbal

Police investigation has put the blame of more than ten murders in the recent past on excessive use of social media and online games.

One of the murderers, a young boy who used to play PUBG, killed his whole family, including his doctor mother and two sisters.

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Talking exclusively to Minute Mirror, Professor Javed Iqbal, who is a well-known surgeon and expert in parenting, said that no technology was good or bad but the use of it made it one of the two.

Pointing to his cellphone, he said that this gadget was really incredible because in this age of information, he had access to the whole world through a single click, so it proved that the gadget was really useful but every instrument had its own protocols and trainings but unfortunately neither the parents nor the society cared about training the masses, especially the new generation.

Iqbal further said that the only solution to the abuse of cellphone was to make a policy regarding imparting training on its use. The government, he said, needed to declare national emergency immediately and a training system should be formally made.

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While answering a question about why everybody who used social media seemed to be depressed and a victim of social isolation, he said, “A newborn child develops a software inside his brain from age zero to thirteen and it is said that his motherboard is being made during this time. It is very important to know what kind of environment was provided to him because it actually determines his conduct and behavior.”

Answering a question on how people can get rid of depression, Iqbal explained, “People need to be taught how to recognize themselves and address their emotionality, spirituality and intelligence. Everybody knows what’s going on around them but honestly nobody knows what is inside them and who they are, including me.”

Stressing upon the issue, he continued that “we have to take out at least ten minutes to calculate our responsibilities towards the family, friends and ourselves. We should take life as seriously as we take our careers, dreams and other tasks serious.”

“I have seen children 18 years of age saying that we have failed in life and now everything seems to have ended. I wonder how they say this when they are pretty young and active. This is all because of the irregular routine they have, with disturbed environment of their homes,” he said, adding that unless we imparted formal trainings in behavioral sciences, society could not be made free of depression and social isolation.



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