National History Museum to honour Allama Iqbal on Iqbal Day

As Iqbal Day nears, National History Museum situated in the Greater Iqbal Park of Lahore city is all set to bring a classy evening to honour the country’s national poet and philosopher.

Titled as Iqbal Nama, the event will take place on the 7th of November between 6:30 and 8:30 pm in the museum’s amphitheatre. The artists who will be presenting before the audiences are Adeel Afzal and Mujeeb Ruzik, who, as the NHM’s administration says, will give live performances fusing the genres of music and poetry, all the while keeping in view Iqbal’s philosophy to keep the performances relevant and inspirational.

The event will also be followed by a tour of the museum.

It is also interesting to note that TV channel TV One is going to be the event’s media partners, with both its news and entertainment branches playing a part in the project, while FM91 will be acting as the radio media partner.

There are no particular instructions regarding the event except for the enforcement of Covid-19 SOPs. Iqbal Nama will be open to anyone interested in Iqbal’s works, or regular NHM visitors in general.