Naumaan Ijaz asks YouTubers to stop spreading fake news about his health

Veteran actor Naumaan Ijaz has called out YouTubers for making and posting fake videos regarding actors for the mere purpose of enticing followers and subscribers.

Specifically referring to a YouTube video which spread a false rumour saying that Ijaz was in a serious condition and hospitalized, the ‘Sang-e-Marmar’ fame actor said that such videos did nothing except for lowering the morale of hale and hearty actors, who felt very disappointed at seeing such videos circulating regarding their health.

“They can sadden and harm the mental health of the people involved,” said Naumaan Ijaz, requesting YouTubers to stop this trend.

Having grown angrier by the end of the video, Ijaz also called such people ‘shameless’ who spread false news with no idea whatsoever of the kind of damage it may cause to the health of the actors’ close ones (including fans and family members).