Navisht magazine promotes Balochi language, research

The magazine teaches importance of political literature to Baloch youth

By Ali Jan Maqsood/Ejaz Baba

Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC) is an active, national student organisation in Balochistan, which is not only confined to Balochistan but is also knocking at the doors of other regions and educational institutions of Punjab and Sindh.

It aims to politically and ideologically educate Baloch students so that they emerge as better national leaders in the future.

By dint of the tireless struggles and efforts of the ideological and honest members and leaders of BSAC, the organisation has successfully reached several educational institutions across the country. Feeling the need for their ideological, political and educational requisites, BSAC decided to produce its political magazine ‘Navisht’, which began to appear in 2020.

Continuing the momentum, the organisation published the second and third editions that effectively reached Baloch students in every institution across the country. Another significance of Navisht magazine is that it teaches the importance of political literature to the Baloch youth.

The magazine comes after every three months and is published in Balochi and Brahvi. Navisht is thus political literature of the constitutional ideology of BSAC.

There may be several claimants to Baloch nationalism, but BSAC has practically worked on Baloch nationalism in the shape of producing literature in the mother languages of the nation, which no other organisation has achieved as of now.

One of the most important features of Navisht is that there are no articles which compromise logic and standardization. Priority has always been given to research work. The standardisation of Navisht can be acknowledged from the fact that Baloch youth, poets, literati, writers, nationalists and people from other walks of life are continuously reading the magazine and benefitting from it. Moreover, the magazine also includes literature on the oppressed nations across the world. Articles on various political theories, and political and ideological movements are also available in the magazine.

BSAC does not only believe in the struggle for educational rights, but the organisational members are at the forefront in securing their language and other national duties.

Navisht, meanwhile, is not only a source of political education for Baloch students, but it has also changed the political culture of Baloch. Baloch is currently going through colonisation, where deprivation of its languages is deemed as being away from one’s identity, culture and history.

Therefore, some literati believe the mother language(s) to be the biggest invention of humans. Because language is not only a relevant source for communication, writing and reading, but it is also the identity of a nation. Within the same language live the emotions of the past memories of a nation, thoughts, words, stories, literature and war stories. It is clear evidence that if you want to destroy a nation wholly, then, first of all, finish that nation’s language and promote and develop your language in that nation. Then with the language of the nation, all its belongings will get eradicated automatically.

But amidst the given situations when everything in the nation is in great peril, Baloch Students Action Committee, while understanding the need of the hour to safeguard their national identity, organisational constitution and its aims and objectives, took a new step by publishing the magazine in the national languages. Instead of providing literature in other languages, they chose their own languages keeping behind all the outdated traditions.