Need for national reconciliation

Politicians, if they want to play genuine leadership roles, must try to come up with weapons of logic and arguments. They must adopt a teacher's role and rely on an academic approach

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust and Eilaf Club both arranged special lectures on the need for national reconciliation and the need of cooling down the temperature of national politics. In Maulana Zafar Ali Khan Trust Mr. Eijaz ul Haq, President of Pakistan Muslim League (Zia) was the guest speaker and in Eilaf Club Mr. Javed Nawas former Counselor of Pakistan was Special Speaker.

Eijaz ul Haq reviewed the past and present political crises of Pakistan and deplored that politicians have always preferred their personal and family interests to national interests. He said that no one should ever think of politics as his/her family business or as subdued to their interests. He said that one group snatched the power by purchasing some parliamentarians. It allows others to win popular support. Imran Khan’s emphasis on early elections is genuine in his arguments. But on the other hand coalition government is also raising hues and cries without enough public support. Our national politics is experiencing harsh and complex times. It can be settled by those at the hands of which both groups are looking. Only those invisible ones will put the traffic of national politics on the right track. Otherwise, neither the politicians are showing any interest in changing their attitudes nor is there anyone with the capacity to do the reconciliation. Eijazul Haq said that there is no harm if the elections are held four or five months earlier. The nation did not give the verdict of a rule to the present coalition in its general elections. Their present majority is manoeuvred.

Speaking at the Eilaf, Mr. Javed Nawaz said that before anything else we must have national understanding and unity for the four important areas:

1), Free and Compulsory Education for All

2), Free Proper Health Care for all

3), Healthy Law and Order Conditions

4), Welfare for Overseas Pakistani Workers

He said that nothing of these is possible without political will and the national reconciliation of politics. He said that there is a need to raise the consciousness of the masses and inform them fully about the good and bad of politics. It will be the pressure of the masses that will bring the politicians out of their selfishness. Presently the politicians from both sides are busy in the worst type of blame game. They are creating hatred in the ranks of a nation and are preparing for a big battle between them. On this occasion, Khalifa Ziauddin Ahmed, Rana Ameer Ahmed Khan, Pervaiz Sheikh, Azhar Malik, Majeed Ghani, Dr. Sharif, and Mian Nasir Shafi also expressed their viewpoints. They said that there are some essentials of Democracy like Educated Voters, Equal Representation in the Parliament of all strata of society, Stern actions against corruption, real public control of all the mineral resources of the country, and Wiping out the family dynasties Some of them emphasized on Islamic laws and Pakistan’s ideology and replacement of the Interest banking system with the interest-free economy. Nevertheless, the participants of the discussion couldn’t see any ray of hope in the present game of politicians. Nor can they see any honourable political setup for the future.

It was after these discussions that we knew about Gen. Bajwa’s views about his retirement and his will not excepting any extension in his service. It is appreciated by the nation that the army has no interest in politics and stands quite impartial in it. But on the other hand, the nation has an interest in the army and ISI’s role to be played for saving the nation to go into a total disruption of law and order and beginning a mutiny. There are politicians who not only want their narrative to dominate all political communication but also want to win the political war through media and social media only. No doubt that their propaganda weapons can prove themselves very poisonous and fatal for the opponent’s political force but can damage the nations’ intellectual environment also. Nonsense and bogus propaganda must not be their weapons. Politicians, if they want to play genuine leadership roles, must try to come up with weapons of logic and arguments. They must adopt a teacher’s role and rely on an academic approach. Politicians have an image of plunderers, liars, and hate creators in society. They need to wash out such dirty faces of theirs. This era has brought before us their dirtiest faces. They might consider themselves very powerful and popular but in fact, they have a negative repute only. In place of make-up only, for showing a neat and clean face, they need to do so much other than negative activities. It is a general impression of the nation, that this is the last chance for the politicians to change them and this change must be within days not within decades. They can stop their blame game immediately. They can start telling the truth from this very moment, they can throw out the personal and family interests from their minds and adopt the national approach giving precedence only to the national interests. They must know this very simple fact that people know them from toe to head, and nothing of them is hidden from the people. If they can’t understand it. The audio leaks are enough blatant reality to understand their position and their public image.

With 50 years of teaching experience, Professor Dr. Shafiq Jullandhry, a noted writer and author of award-winning books, is former chairman of Punjab University's Mass Communication Department (now School of Communication Studies); also heads Elaaf Club and Pakistan Media Guild as president. He can be reached at


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