NESPAK celebrates Independence Day with fervor

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NESPAK celebrated the 76th Independence Day with a dignified yet impactful ceremony held at NESPAK House in Lahore. The event commenced with a recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by heartfelt prayers for national unity and the advancement of the country.
Mr. Zargham Eshaq Khan, the acting Managing Director of NESPAK, marked the occasion by raising the national flag while the national anthem resounded in the air. The event was highlighted by a significant announcement wherein the Acting MD proudly unveiled the acquisition of a record breaking business in 2023 valued at Rs. 17 billion—a remarkable 20 percent increase from the previous year.
“This achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our exceptional team and the trust that our clients place in us,” commented the acting MD of NESPAK. He further revealed that among the newly acquired projects, one with a valuation of Rs. 1.3 billion had recently been secured in Saudi Arabia. Notably, seven of NESPAK’s Divisions have achieved business acquisitions exceeding Rs. one billion this year, thus further enriching NESPAK’s already illustrious portfolio.
In an inspiring commitment, he assured that the organization would translate its success into tangible benefits for its staff through increased salaries. As a gesture of recognition, shields were conferred upon employees who demonstrated exceptional performance throughout the year. The Acting MD, accompanied by senior professionals, also engaged in the symbolic cutting of a celebratory cake.
Looking ahead, NESPAK remains steadfast in its role as a pioneer in driving positive change and contributing to the nation’s narrative of growth.