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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Netanyahu returns to government

US aims to continue important peace work in the region with the new Israeli government

Benjamin Netanyahu has been sworn in as Israel’s Prime minister of Israel with a hard-right cabinet that aims to expand Jewish settlements and pursue other policies.

Since his coalition of nationalist and religious parties won a parliamentary majority in an election on November 1, Netanyahu worked to allay worries about the future of civil rights and diplomacy.

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Netanyahu’s government received 63 of the 120 parliamentary votes that were available in a confirmation vote before the cabinet was sworn in.

Netanyahu’s allies included the Jewish Power and Religious Zionism parties, whose leaders both West Bank settlers previously agitated against Israel’s justice system, its Arab minority, and LGBT rights.

All these groups rejected Palestinian statehood.

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Amir Ohana, an openly gay supporter of Netanyahu, was chosen as the new speaker of the parliament despite the very conservative character of the right-wing majority, which includes several MPs who made anti-LGBTQ remarks.

For Palestinians, the prospects for the regions where they want to establish a future state are now even grimmer as a result of Netanyahu’s lineup.

Whereas, US President Joe Biden stated that the US is waiting to work with Netanyahu.

He said that the United States aimed to continue the efforts to establish peace in the region with the new Israeli government and also to continue working for peace between Palestine and Israel with the new Israeli government.


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