Netflix reveals its method to prevent free password sharing

Picture source - GSMARENA

Popular video streaming company Netflix has revealed its method to prevent password sharing.

Netflix aimed to launch a crackdown to stop account password sharing in different countries at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

The company had already been working in some countries in this regard and various features had also been introduced.

Now the company explained in detail for the first time how it will prevent one account from using different people.

The company’s FAQ page revealed that people who do not live in the same house will not be able to use the account of that primary location.

It will still be possible to share a Netflix account but within a home.

It had to be ensured that your devices are connected to the Wi-Fi of the same place, for this purpose the company will ask users to connect to the Wi-Fi of the primary location.

Moreover, it will be mandatory to open the Netflix app or website on devices at least once in 31 days.

In case of signing in to Netflix on a new device outside the home, a new method will be introduced for the convenience of users.

When such users sign in, the company will provide a temporary code, which will give them access to the account outside the home for 7 days.

Netflix will take into account the IP address, device ID, and account activities to determine whether you are signed in to a device on your account at the primary location or not.