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Netizens find humour in misery, narrate personal tales of amusing robberies

Karachi user recounts story of benevolent mugger, inspires others to recall their own comical interactions with robbers.

People on Twitter have managed to find humour in their misery as many recounted their experiences of being mugged in Pakistan.

The trend started when a user narrated his ‘favorite’ story of a robbery in Karachi. The user said that a person who worked for them had his motorbike stolen on gunpoint but the robbers were kind enough to drop him home on the same bike first.

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Others jumped on the thread to recall their own stories. In a rather comically grim account, a user was shot at during the robbery, but the mobile snatchers dialled her cousins randomly the next day to inquire if she was doing well.

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Another user recalled that he was caught at gunpoint outside an ATM. The thieves allowed him to clear his phone before running away and later asked him to withdraw more cash to keep his phone in exchange. The user gave the robbers an extra Rs2000 for their mercifulness.

One user narrated the thievery that unfolded at her grandmother’s place. She said her grandmother berated the robbers, who in turn made her a glass of Tang and said the robbery wasn’t personal and they were just ‘desperate’.

In another instance, a user’s uncle was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he walked into an ongoing robbery at a bakery to buy a cake. When the uncle declared he was getting a cake for his daughter, good fortune befell him, and the robbers directed him to take whatever he wanted. The user said her uncle took five cakes home that day.

The robbers in another incident turned out to be fearful of tears as they left their victim’s phone alone when she sobbed that she wanted to delete her pictures and data before they took it away. The robbers said they couldn’t bear to see the woman cry.

Dacoits were reportedly just hungry in another story as they ate club sandwiches made by the mother of their victim. They initially went for the laptop but when the man insisted that his life’s work would be lost, the robbers graciously left with filled stomachs and a few other items.

The original poster had seemingly realized hunger was a cause behind the incidents and claimed they carried around KFC vouchers for robbers. They said that they used to add the vouchers to ‘gift-packs’ for robbers, which also included a $20 bill, a Casio watch, a decoy phone, and pamphlet of religious prayers to boot. The user amusingly claimed that they gave away several hampers and received quite a few blessings in return.


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