‘New Pakistani COAS has to restore public trust in army’

US different media channels and new outlets i.e. the Times and Washington post seem to be showing keen interest in the appointment of Pakistan’s new army chief.

The new Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan is tasked with rebuilding the state’s faltering economy and restoring public confidence in the military, says American media reports.

As per the New York Times, rebuilding of economy and restoration of trust in the military will be the two immediate tasks that the new army chief will be facing.

As per The Times report, “many consider this change of guard as crucial to Pakistani affairs as civilian political cycles.”

The report also added that in Pakistan’s 75-year history, the military has held power for more than half of that time. Even under civilian administrations, military leaders are viewed as the unseen force that steers Pakistani politics.

Times also claimed, “Mr. Khan’s relentless criticism of the military has resonated deeply among Pakistanis and seriously damaged the military’s reputation within the country.”

The Washington Post and BBC also published reports on the appointment of a new army chief.

BBC report stated that the new army chief will also oversee future ties with India, a nuclear-armed adversary, and the new Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

According to a Voice of America (VOA) report, the new military commander assumes command as political meddling by the institution is being discussed more and more.


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