Sonya Hussyn to play an addict in her next project

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Actress Sonya Hussyn is expanding her acting repertoire with a diverse range of roles, solidifying her career as a versatile performer. In a recent social media post, she announced her next character, Murshid, in the upcoming drama series titled “Gangs of Kharasaan.” Hussyn unveiled her look for the role on Instagram, expressing her heartfelt connection to this particular character.

“Addicts are humans too!!!! Meet ‘MURSHID.’ Unveiling the first look of my new project, Gang of Kharasaan! After playing Horain in Saraab, Murshid is another character that holds a special place in my heart,” Hussyn shared.

Previously, Hussyn portrayed a boxer from Lyari in the film ‘Daadal,’ where her character sought vengeance for her sister’s honor by becoming a contract killer.

Since revealing her new look on Instagram, prominent figures in the entertainment industry, such as Yumna Zaidi, Imran Ashraf Awan, and Kinza Hashmi, have showered Hussyn with praise for her commitment to completely transform her appearance to authentically portray a character.

Actress Ushna Shah expressed her admiration, stating, “The most stunning girl… always picking off-track roles that show off her acting chops. Beautiful, brave, and badass. I am SO proud of you.”

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