Niger’s military closes airspace borders amid political turmoil and foreign intervention concerns

Picture source - Reuters
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In consideration of concerns regarding external military intervention, the military in Niger has decided to close its airspace borders.

The armed forces in the African country of Niger have taken the step to close their airspace borders. Last month, the Nigerien military had overthrown the government of President Mohamed Bazoum, who was in power through a coup.

Following this, General Abdel Rahman Chiani, also known as General Omar Chiani, who led the Presidential Guards responsible for overturning the elected government, declared himself the leader of the country.

In his address to the nation, General Abdel Rahman stated that the deteriorating security situation in the country and the state of bad governance led to the decision to overthrow the government.

A few days ago, the deposed President of Niger, Mohamed Bazoum, had warned the world about the potentially catastrophic consequences of the successful military coup in the country.

In an article published in the American newspaper The Washington Post, Mohamed Bazoum demanded international support to restore his government and cautioned that the successful military coup could lead to dangerous outcomes for the world.

Bazoum urged other global powers, including the United States, to help restore constitutional order in his country.

Now, the Nigerien military has closed its airspace borders due to concerns about foreign military intervention.

Arab media reports suggest that the Nigerien military has also rejected the deadline set for the restoration of President Mohamed Bazoum, which was aimed at reinstating him to power in Western African countries.