Nine students in India commit suicide after getting bad grades

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An alarming incident saw nine students commit suicide and two others attempt it after the results of grades 11 and 12 were announced in India.

One million students attempted the exam, however only 61% of grade 11 students passed it, and 72% of grade 12 students did.

The results of the intermediate exams were revealed by the Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Examination on Wednesday, and within 48 hours, nine students committed suicide.

A 17-year-old youngster named B Tarun from the Srikakulam area reportedly committed himself by jumping in front of a moving train. Another Dandu Gopalapuram kid in the first year of intermediate school was “disheartened” after he failed the majority of the papers.

Akhilasree, a 16-year-old female student, also committed herself because she was angry about failing various subjects in the first year of the intermediate, according to reports.

Anusha, a 17-year-old girl died by plunging into a lake, while a male in the same neighborhood committed suicide by ingesting pesticide.

Another teenager, B Jagadeesh, reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself after receiving poor grades in intermediate.

The announcement coincides with an increase in suicide cases in Indian colleges. This year, suicides were perpetrated by four IIT students who were enrolled on various campuses.

Police and psychologists advised the students not to take such drastic measures after the depressing experience, as they still had their entire lives ahead of them and could turn their mistakes into successes.

These kinds of occurrences have occurred before, as many students experience sadness as a result of receiving inadequate grades or failing an exam.