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No one will come from ‘outer space’ to save us!

Like every year, the World Science Day 2021 for Peace and Development is celebrated on November 10 with a theme – building climate-ready communities. I am happy to know that global policymakers focused on a burning topic that is becoming a serious threat to the planet as well as our lives. We must remember that no one will come from ‘outer space’ to save us from growing trend of more destructive climate disasters.

Through social media, I was reading some research content related to the climate change that affects in temperatures and weather patterns rapidly. In some cases, the climate change effects frequency of environmental events, such as heatwaves, ice melt, ocean warming, sea level rise, droughts, forest fires, storms, floods, etc. I am observing that the government, non-government organisations, regional and international forums are spreading awareness successfully about the climate change.

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In all awareness promotions, we must inform individuals about climate change besides initiating dialogue for behavioral changes without affecting everyday life of any individual by giving them a sense of empowerment and responsibility. I believe that the awareness drives are often more effective if relevant stakeholders – the government, businesses, industries, and other actors that are confronted by impacts of climate change – are involved in the development and the role out of the strategy.

I am also interested to mention one more initiative here that is the International Week of Science and Peace that is held annually from November 9 to November 14. In 1986, the international week was observed on the occasion of the International Year of Peace. Due to success and impact of this week-long event, organisers have started to celebrate the week continuously over the next few years.

In 1988, the UN General Assembly declared the International Week of Science and Peace in response to a danger posed by the ‘cold war’ and the nuclear arms race in different regions. It achieved a major success when the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on science and peace. If we consider it, science has a deep link with peace. For all of us, the week reminds our respect for human rights, economic and social development besides more aspects of human civilization and culture.

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As a member of the earth, we should take care of this planet. We have to maintain peace here. Our small acts can create a huge impact. Most of us can try to protect the earth by our small acts, for instant: save water, save electricity, reduce paper consumption, start an environmental club, etc. With these small steps, together we can save the earth and make a sustainable world.


Written by Muhammad Huzaifa | Lahore



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