No Pakistani PM can have independent foreign policy: Khan

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that no Pakistani prime minister could have an independent foreign policy.

While addressing a press conference at the Islamabad High Court Bar Association, the former prime minister criticized the incumbent government’s dealing with the economy.

The former premier lauded his government’s economic performance. He said that if a nation did not take a stand then no prime minister could come up with an independent foreign policy.

He added that if one took a stand for their national interests, they would be respected, and if one “cleaned their shoes”, they would be looked down upon.

He added that the more a country bowed before America, the more it would be asked to do more.

The PTI chairman said that the PTI-led government was planning to purchase cheap oil from Russia. He added that the US ambassador to Pakistan held meetings with lawmakers and after that the no-confidence motion was brought forward.

Khan predicted that salaried and middle class people would be in deep trouble as inflation would hit 30 percent. He said that the only solution to the current difficult scenario lied in free and fair early elections.