No steps afoot to untangle traffic mess in Kashmore

The district administration has played havoc with the urban transportation of Kashmore, especially the headquarters Kandhkot since the district government failed to chalk out a plan for establishing various markets such as fruit, vegetable, fish, meat and others.

Due to mismanagement and carelessness of the administration, traffic police and anti-encroachment force in most areas of Kashmore district, including Kandhkot, Kashmore, Tangwani and Guddu, experience severe and frequent traffic jams that put the daily commutation of citizens to an utmost halt, leaving people to face various problems, including unnecessary stoppage of vehicles in the heart of the city.

The presence of a huge number of pushcarts on both sides of the road makes it impossible for up and down traffic, causing severe traffic jams lasting for hours and sometimes causing the loss of precious lives.

It is a common sight that ambulances get stuck in traffic jams and patients lose their struggle with life owing to such huge traffic blockages. Moreover, commuting has become nightmarish even for pedestrians, elderly persons as well as schoolchildren to reach their specific locations.

On the other hand, the municipal authorities, traffic sergeants and anti-encroachment force have failed miserably and they are mostly found busy in collecting bribe from encroachers such as people having vegetable pushcarts, fruit pushcarts, donkey carts, rickshaws and fish stalls. People of Kandhkot protested against the lethargic attitude of the district authorities for turning a deaf ear towards echoes of citizens regarding the issue, which is going from bad to worse with each passing day.

It needs to be mentioned here that in 2016, the district government initiated a comprehensive encroachment plan to demolish illegal constructions from both sides of the road throughout the district. However, the situation has not changed thereafter, mainly due to the absence of ground personnel to manage the heavy influx of traffic from surrounding towns in cities and the non-allocation of specific places for vehicle parking, pushcarts, taxis, rickshaws as well as open kiosks. As a result, heavy traffic jams have become a frequent sight and a menace for commuters, disturbing their daily routine.

Furthermore, there is no strategic plan to reserve space for parking cars, bikes and rickshaws. Ironically, people park their vehicles illegally before the public library or on the main streets, which causes inconvenience to other visitors. It is high time for the district government to wake up from deep slumber and chalk out an immediate plan to resolve the issue with the help of local police, as well as municipal and anti-encroachment forces, so that the citizens may get a sigh of relief. Moreover, reserving space for markets such as vegetable, fruit, fish and meat will help minimise traffic woes.


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