No white paper can justify Imran’s tenure of destruction, says Marriyum

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Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan could not defend “his tenure of destruction,” which included “corruption and incompetency,” by only presenting a white paper.

In response to the PTI Chairman’s remarks, the minister said in a press release, “Whether he [Imran Khan] issues white, red, or yellow paper, nothing could help him cover up his corruption and incompetency, aside from the constitutional violations he perpetrated during his government’s term.

She said that the current coalition has made deliberate attempts to lead the country out of economic challenges brought on by the previous Imran Khan administration. The minister questioned how Imran Khan could criticize a government that had only been in office for a year.

She claimed that the person who put the country in danger of going into default published a white paper that curiously failed to highlight the fact that the circular debt in the electricity sector increased from Rs1100 billion to Rs2400 billion during his own government’s rule.

The circular debt in the energy sector, which increased to Rs1400 billion during the PTI government’s term, was also not mentioned, she continued.

Marriyum also said that Imran Khan had angered almost every friendly country by pursuing wrong policies during his four-year rule.  She claimed that the PTI Chairman had shied away from bringing up his government’s bad policies, which drove up the cost of sugar and wheat to Rs120 from Rs52 per kg and Rs100 from Rs35 per kg, respectively.

She said that he neglected to mention the increases in gas and electricity costs, which went from Rs600 to Rs1400 per MMBTU and from Rs11 to Rs25 per unit, respectively. The minister said that the white paper did not include the record-breaking debts the PTI administration had borrowed, totaling Rs20,000 billion. In just one year, the coalition administration paid off $11 billion debt.

The Information Minister said that when Imran Khan’s administration was in office, inflation increased to 25% from 4% and growth decreased to 0.4%, yet he still had the nerve to release a white paper that omitted a significant misappropriation of Rs1200 billion from the COVID-19 funding.

Additionally, she said, he (Imran Khan) had not spoken about the 190 million pound theft that occurred under his regime.