‘Not going to Pakistan’: Jay Shah denies reports of visiting Pakistan

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Jay Shah, Secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), has refuted claims that he accepted an invitation to travel to Pakistan, calling it “plain miscommunication.”

Chairman of the PCB Management Committee Zaka Ashraf, was quoted in reports on Shah’s travel as saying that the BCCI official would visit Pakistan during or just before the start of the Asia Cup.

During a discussion on the fringes of the chief executives’ committee (CEC) meeting of the International Cricket Council (ICC) annual session in Durban, South Africa, on Tuesday, it was reported that Shah had accepted Ashraf’s invitation.

“I’ve made no commitments. This misinterpretation is evident. Most likely done on purpose or with intent.”

Jay Shah told News18 CricketNext, “I won’t be making any visits.”

Earlier, PCB’s Ashraf acknowledged his two talks with Indian officials on Tuesday while speaking to the media in Durban.

First, there was a three-on-three meeting with all the top officials from both countries present, who held group talks, according to Ashraf.

“There was a private meeting later. Jay Shah and I talked about our alternatives for reestablishing our cricketing connections, and he was enthusiastic and accepted my invitation to visit Pakistan before the Asia Cup began.”

“I also accepted his invitation to travel to India for the World Cup. I assured him that the people of Pakistan always treated visitors with respect and hospitality.”

According to Ashraf, both sets of discussions were successful because cricket authorities from both nations heard each other out.