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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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EditorialNow, the second JIT on Wazirabad incident

Now, the second JIT on Wazirabad incident

The assault on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan in Wazirabad is not only abhorrent but the subsequent dispute about the filing of the FIR is just as troubling. The joint investigative team (JIT), which was established by the Punjab government a day after the high-profile case of the murder attempt on former prime minister Imran Khan in Wazirabad, has had its leader and one of its members replaced. On Thursday, the government announced the amended JIT. The formation of an earlier JIT was rejected by the PTI senior brass for several of the names of the police officials were not acceptable to them. The Punjab police and the provincial government suggested another JIT, and this is the second significant alteration. Syed Khurram Ali Shah, a regional police officer in DG Khan, has been designated as the JIT’s leader by the Punjabi government.

It’s possible that what occurred in Wazirabad was foretold and unfortunate as well. Imran Khan was shot, furthering the turmoil in the nation. Although the would-be assassin was detained, the reason for the shooting is yet unknown. The top government officials and a senior official of a premier agency have both been swiftly accused of organising the attack by the former prime minister. He’s called people out. The onslaught has turned the PTI’s ongoing long march into a weapon. The former prime minister has taken the fight to the armed forces by openly accusing a top intelligence officer of being involved in the alleged plot to “murder him. The decision to increase pressure on the security apparatus just before a crucial change in the army’s high command appears to have been well-considered. The political rift has been reinforced by Khan’s letter to the president urging him to “act against the abuse of authority and transgressions of our laws and the Constitution and to establish clear operational lines concerning the ISPR.

It is indisputable that social media has increased the country’s political divisiveness. The accusation of the Prime Minister and a significant official of a sensitive institution shortly after the homicidal attack by the former Prime Minister and his allies stoked the flames with its ugly politics. On this occasion, the federal government volunteered to construct a complete court in an act of lofty reasoning. Even in these conditions, PTI persisted in employing all strategies, such as criticising institutions, which would have spread its claim that influential circles are plotting. But as a last resort, the Punjabi PTI administration established a five-person JIT to look into the former prime minister’s murder and the delay in the Wazirabad police registering an FIR in the case. Given that this tragedy occurred in a province where the PTI controls the government, will they look into the operations of the office of their own elected chief minister? Imran Khan, however, continues to call for investigations to be conducted by impartial individuals. One should remind the PTI that the prime minister made a wise decision when he asked the top justice of the Supreme Court to convene a full bench panel to investigate the Wazirabad incident. Imran Khan has voiced his concerns about the investigation agencies looking into the botched assassination attempt, despite supporting a judicial committee. It’s quite doubtful that he will consent to a finding against him. Khan has also declared that the long march will resume after being put on hold following the shooting incident. There is little chance of the situation cooling down because the violence has reached Punjab’s largest cities.


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