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Friday, January 27, 2023
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NRF forces repel air assaults from Taliban

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan (NRF) has repelled several Taliban air assaults in Andarab, Afghanistan.

According to front spokesman Sibghatullah Ahmad, NRF has repelled the Taliban’s ground and air assault.

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“The gallant forces of the National Resistance Front in Khoj, Taghank and Baagh Dara of Andarab haa have repelled several ground and air assaults of the occupying Taliban,” Sibghatullah said.

He further added that the National resistance front (NRF) has launched despite the enemy’s heavy causalities.

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He further tweeted that another attack and heavy fighting are taking place between the defenders of the dignity of Afghanistan’s oppressed people and the occupiers.

Taliban officials had not yet responded to the claim.


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