Number of ISIS terrorists killed in Syria

Picture source - Getty Images

Syrian security forces has killed several Daesh terrorists on Monday and seized a big number of armaments in a special operation on the al-Sad road, south of Daraa city.

According to the Syrian Arab news agency (SANA), this operation took place with the collaboration of local and civil groups in Syria.

A security source stated, “The Security apparatus, in cooperation with local and civil groups, are carrying out a special security operation against some cells of Daesh terrorists to the south of Daraa that led to the killing of several of them and confiscating large quantities of weapons hidden in one of the storehouses.”

The source added that the operation aims to restore security and stability to some neighbourhoods of southern Daraa.

Earlier on 8 October, an ISIS leader and two other members were killed in an Iraqi Air Force operation in Kirkuk Province. During the operation, two ISIS-affiliated terrorists were apprehended.

Before the attack, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) announced a terrorist group which is now dismantled, was planning a suicide attack in Kirkuk.

Despite the presence of large Syrian and Russian forces in southern Syria, militant groups linked to the Islamic State appear to be active.


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