“O Rangreza” and “Dour” writer Saji Gul announces another serial

Popular screenwriter Saji Gul reveals next project, the script of which is being written for HUM TV

Saji Gul’s name is counted among the best screenwriters of modern times. Be it GEO, ARY, HUM or PTV, Gul has written for almost all respectable channels, with his stories revolving around child psychology, spiritualism, physical abnormalities, paranormal happenings, and sexism. One of his most popular serials has been “O Rangreza” starring Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas Khan, which dealt with the themes of in-house misogyny and showbiz fame’s transience. Apart from this, Saji Gul is also known for having written “Ilteja” based on down’s syndrome, “Sannata” based on mysterious happenings stretching themselves across generations, “Pyari Bitto” based on Alzheimer’s and the currently running “Dour” that tackles house-hold issues in a non-clichéd manner

Saji Gul’s logical narratives founded on cause-and-effect theories have earned him a lot of respect, thereby rendering him a writer whose name doesn’t remain hidden for long from the television screens. This week, Saji Gul announced another serial. The writer disclosed the news on his Facebook account with a status that went like:

“Another serial script on floor!


The hashtags mentioned MD, thus revealing that the serial is going to be for HUM TV and will be produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions. Earlier, it was “O Rangreza” written by Saji Gul for the channel, which topped the charts during the days it was on air. The writer hasn’t announced the title of the next serial yet, but the fact that it is being written for HUM TV is enough to promise a high-budgeted production carrying an ensemble cast.

Saji Gul with his son and child star Shees Gul

Currently, Gul’s “Dour” is running on GEO TV and has managed to garner a lot of ratings. Despite being a commercial serial, the likes of which Gul hesitates from penning, the writer has managed to keep his creativity intact in the serial’s script by including characters whose psyches need to be understood for a better understanding of their actions. The depth, a quality of Saji Gul’s scripts, is there.

The viewers are looking forward to the writer’s upcoming serial. Following the success of “O Rangreza”, Gul’s next project will hopefully be nothing less than a time-less, spell-binding story.

Muhammad Ali has an M.Phil in classic and contemporary Pakistani television drama, Partition Novel and Literary Environmental Literature. He has written extensively on these topics for various local newspapers between 2015-2020. His research on Sahira Kazmi's classical drama serial "Zaib un Nisa" has been presented on various platforms such as Olomopolo Media and ICDELL, 2019. He can be reached on Twitter @MuhammadAli_DT, and through email at m.ali_aquarius85@yahoo.com