Occupied Kashmir: 10 Kashmiris martyred by occupation forces in May

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Indian state terrorism continues in occupied Kashmir as the Indian army martyred 10 Kashmiris in May.

Kashmir Media Service said that four out of 10 Kashmiri youth who were martyred in May last month were martyred in fake encounters or detention.

According to media reports, 2,141 Kashmiris were detained by the occupying Indian forces last month, while at least six Kashmiris were injured in May due to the use of force by the Indian army.

Earlier, five Indian soldiers were killed by the attackers using explosives during the fighting between Indian security forces and attackers on Friday morning in the Rajouri area of occupied Kashmir.

The Indian Army’s operation in The Rajouri area of occupied Kashmir was going on since May 3, after the deaths in the operation, internet service has been suspended in The District of Rajouri.

Several days ago, most of the soldiers were killed and injured during an attack on an Indian military truck.

The Indian media is once again blaming Pakistan for the Rajouri attacks, while the Indian people are calling these attacks another drama of Modi.