Office-bearers announced for Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party

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In a recent tweet, Jahangir Khan Tareen, a prominent figure in the Istehkam Pakistan Party, announced the appointment of key office bearers within the party. According to Tareen’s tweet, Abdul Aleem Khan has been appointed as the President of the party, signaling a significant role for him in the organization.

Furthermore, Aamir Kayani has been named as the Secretary General of the party, a position that carries crucial responsibilities in managing the party’s affairs and coordinating its activities.

Another important appointment within the party is Aown Chaudhry, who has been designated as the party’s central additional general secretary as well as the official spokesperson. Chaudhry’s role will involve representing the party’s views and communicating its messages to the public and media.

These appointments indicate a strategic move by the Istehkam Pakistan Party to solidify its leadership structure and strengthen its presence in the political landscape. With experienced individuals taking up key positions, the party aims to effectively pursue its goals and engage with the public on various issues of national importance.

It remains to be seen how these newly appointed office bearers will contribute to the party’s growth and how they will navigate the ever-evolving political landscape in Pakistan.