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On Ali Noor’s birthday, wife Mandana Zaidi posts a lovely wish on Instagram!

Actor and director Mandana Zaidi’s Instagram wall got loaded with beautiful pictures on her husband’s birthday. Zaidi posted multiple photos in celebration of Ali Noor’s big day, the loveliest of them being the one in which the wife dedicated a short paragraph to her husband, telling that she has lost count of all the birthdays they have celebrated together. However, what she relishes is that in the time they have spent together, the two of them have witnessed each other’s growth. Moreover, Zaidi admitted that what she loves the most about Ali Noor is his accepting attitude towards growth and change, from which he never shies away. 

“What’s the most important thing and loving thing about you is that you love to change and you love to grow!” said Mandana Zaidi.

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The couple is known for being the most creative couple of all and for being there for each other in every project. Ever-since Mandana Zaidi got married to Ali Noor, her efforts as a director of music videos have never gone unnoticed. While initially, Zaidi was known solely for her acting projects such as “Shashlik”, “Kaun” and “Ghar”, she stepped into the field of direction in support of her husband and nothing could stop the two of them from impressing and inspiring us every time.



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