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Orion spacecraft returns after orbiting 25-days around moon

NASA planning to send humans on moon since Apollo 11 through Artemis moon mission

The Orion spacecraft, part of NASA’s lunar mission Artemis 1, successfully landed on Earth after successfully completing its mission journey of 1.4 million miles named “Artemis 1” during a 25-days journey around the moon.

NASA has said that the capsule caught fire as soon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere but with the help of three parachutes, the Orion space capsule has landed in the California Peninsula of the Pacific Ocean.

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NASA has been planning to send humans to the moon for the first time since Apollo 11 through its Artemis moon mission in the future.

The mission Orion has also captured stunning views of the lunar surface during the flyby.

A video of the landing of the Orion space capsule was also uploaded by NASA on Twitter.

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There were no humans in the Orion capsule of Artemis 1 but three human dummies attached to different types of sensors were seated in the Orion capsule.

According to NASA officials reached the Orion capsule by a US Army helicopter and some high-speed boats where the Orion capsule was reviewed for two hours and then it will be sent to San Diego California by a US Navy ship.

NASA has said that the Orion capsule which was part of the Artemis 1 mission returned to Earth during its 25-day space journey two weeks ago after completing its last orbit 127 kilometres from the moon and 434,500 kilometres from the Earth.

The crew of that mission Artemis 2 scheduled for 2024 will travel near the Moon but will not make an actual landing there. Soon NASA anticipated announcing the selected astronauts for the space mission.

Artemis 3 will be launched in 2025 and it will be a spacecraft that will touch down there in search of ice-covered water at the Moon’s South Pole.


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