Orphaned and abandoned: The hard life

Picture source - Sahil Mercy Life Home

Despite the functioning of various departments, and organizations and the allocation of a heavy budget from both the federal and provincial governments, most of the orphans in the far-flung areas of the country are still deprived of livelihood, proper food, home, treatment, clothing and education.

They are forced to spend their whole lives at the mercy of relatives and neighbours. Some children become orphans at the time of their birth whereas others are orphaned in later phases of their lives. It is observed that the children who grow up without parents are neglected, unloved as well as uncared for by our society, however here a question arises: why are these orphans neglected and ignored by the nearest since there is no doubt that they are also part of the society. It was observed that there are dozens of various departments and organizations working for the relief and welfare of the orphans and also especially have established orphanages throughout the county.

Since orphanage plays a vital role in the accommodation grooming and education the orphans by making them responsible and useful citizens of the country but unfortunately the non-existing of orphan homes have created a great vacuum and the orphans are left at the mercy of the close relatives and considered as a burden upon them. According to a report from UNICEF, more than 4.2 million orphaned children are in Pakistan. However, the life of those children is not easy who lose their parents at an early while no support is being provided from close relatives, neighbours, and others although they spend their life so difficult.

Various reports said that millions of children especially orphans are found homeless while sleeping in the streets, and under bridges and have been deprived of human needs such as food, shelter, pour water, clothing, and other facilities. The orphans are forced to work for a livelihood since their poor economic and social condition restrains them from getting an education and care. The policies of the government or not intact to tackle this issue which creates a sense of deprivation for poor orphanages who don’t have any other option them working as child labourers to feed their bellies.


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