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Our celebrities who are wonderful painters

There is no dearth of talent in Pakistan. We have numerous examples of people from various fields who are blessed with unparalleled creativity and at the same time, can manage their lives so well; divided between their work and their inextinguishable passion for art.

Here are a few names from our drama industry who are not only incredible actors, but meticulous painters as well who do not hesitate going for it whenever they have time or feel the need to vent out.

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Shahnaz Sheikh

The very popular Shahnaz Sheikh, mostly remembered for playing Zara in ‘Tanhaiyaan’ and Sana in ‘Ankahi’ is a delicate artist, her work filled with intricate patterns executed using multiple mediums. Here’s a photo of Shahnaz Sheikh’s highly detailed painting, shared by the actress herself in an exclusive interview which she gave to Minute Mirror last year.

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Sarwat Gilani

Sarwat Gilani of ‘Malal’, ‘Churails’ and ‘Qaatil Haseenanon Ke Naam’ fame is also an excellent painter, who does most of her work using oil paint. The actress might have started giving less time to this talent of hers following her marriage, children and her international projects, but her art is important to mention for the softness and serenity it carries.

Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah, the social activist and seasoned actor is not someone who you may call a part-time artist. Shah, by nature and by profession as well, is an artist and is listed among the top painters and sculptors of Pakistan. Here’s a photo of his post-modern artwork shared by the veteran artist himself.

Imran Aslam

As is visible from his posts, actor Imran Aslam definitely understands the need for good art and therefore does not shy away from saying that it is for the sake of catharsis that he goes for painting amidst his tiresome work routine. “I love this side of mine”, the actor was found saying when he shared the following painting of his on Facebook.


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