Over half of Pakistanis want Taliban-style govt in Pakistan

An earlier survey revealed more than 50 percent Pakistanis were happy at Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan

A recent survey has revealed that over 50 percent of Pakistanis would like an Islamic-style government along the lines of what is being established in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

In a Gallup Pakistan survey this week, respondents were asked if they wanted a similar Islamic government in Pakistan as the Afghan Taliban were installing in Afghanistan. Fifty five percent of respondents answered yes and 31 percent said no, while there was no response in the affirmative or negative by 14 percent of the surveyees.

If broken down by gender, 56 percent of male respondents and 49 percent of women respondents answered yes to the same question. Meanwhile, 31 percent of men and 33 percent of women said they wouldn’t want a Taliban style government, while the rest were not sure how to answer the question.

The survey was conducted on a pool of 2170 respondents from rural and urban backgrounds.

The Taliban-related opinion poll was not the first conducted by Gallup Pakistan. Earlier in September, the research lab asked whether Pakistanis were happy with the new Afghan leadership. 55 percent of survey takers were satisfied with the Taliban takeover, whereas 20 percent were unhappy. Like the latest survey, the previous one also revealed that more men than women were happy with the Taliban government as 58 percent men were in favor, in contrast to 36 percent women.

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