Pak army opens snow-covered Burzil Pass for traffic

The snow-covered Burzil Pass was opened on Sunday for all kinds of traffic and movement by the Pakistan Army.

The armed forces responded to the demands of the country, just as they would in cases of natural disasters or accidents.

Burzil Pass is 178 kilometers from Gilgit, a crucial checkpoint for the Pakistan Army and the residents. The pass lies 13,808 feet above sea level and is snow-covered from October to April for more than half the year.

It connects the region’s 15,000 residents and 61 communities, which are all accessible solely via this road. Burzil Pass is traversed annually by 50,000–60,000 cars.

Due to the significant snowfall this year, the pass was closed in January and February. The Pakistan Army recently allowed public access to the Burzil Pass, which was blanketed in snow.

The soldiers cleared the snow all day and all night long. Even though it was -30 degrees Celsius outside, they persisted in their labor to enable the pass to open.

The locals hailed the Pakistani Army for their dedication to this project and praised their heroic efforts.