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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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EditorialPak-Russian oil deal and US stance

Pak-Russian oil deal and US stance

Pakistan’s recent decision to purchase its first-ever shipment of crude oil from Russia at a discounted price has sparked both hope and concern from various nations, including the United States. While the US has not opposed the deal, it has cautioned Pakistan about oil deals with Moscow and the price cap imposed by the Group of Seven (G7) rich nations. Meanwhile, Russia has offered Pakistan the discount to match the price and freight of better quality Arab Light crude, which Pakistani refineries currently process.

This move by Pakistan is aimed at examining the economic feasibility of refining Russian crude to produce petroleum products. If successful, the deal with Russia on oil transactions will benefit Pakistan’s struggling economy, but the local industry may initially face a few technical issues. Russian crude produces a different ratio of refined petroleum products compared to Arab Light crude, and Pakistan may require a higher discount on Russian crude if the current lower price fails to match the cost of Arab Light.

However, this deal provides Russia with a new outlet, adding to Moscow’s growing sales to India and China, as it redirects oil from western markets due to the restrictions. It is important to note that Russia’s sales to India and China have also raised concerns among the western powers, who see this as a way for Russia to expand its influence in the region.

Pakistan’s decision to pay for the oil imports in Chinese yuan and open letters of credit for oil imports from the Bank of China will help avoid sanctions imposed by the US against Russia. This payment in Chinese currency will be a significant relief for Pakistan, given the shortage of dollars in the country. It is also interesting to note that this move by Pakistan will strengthen the relationship between the two nations, which has already been growing in recent years.

However, the US’s caution regarding the oil deal with Russia highlights the ongoing tensions between the two nations. The US has placed restrictions on Russian oil after Moscow invaded Ukraine last year, and while it has not opposed the Pakistan-Russia deal, it has left the door open for similar purchases. This move by Pakistan may be seen as a test of the US’s commitment to its allies in the region, particularly as it tries to counter Russian influence.

Overall, Pakistan’s decision to purchase crude oil from Russia at a discounted price is a significant move that could have far-reaching implications for the region’s energy and economic landscape. While it presents an opportunity for Pakistan to diversify its energy sources and strengthen its ties with Russia and China, it also raises concerns about Russia’s growing influence in the region and the US’s ability to counter it. The situation is a reminder of the complex geopolitical dynamics at play in the region and the challenges that nations face in balancing their economic and strategic interests.

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