Pakistan calls out India for human rights violation in IIOJ&K

Pakistan in its national statement at the 41st Universal Periodic Review (UPR) session denounced India for its treatment of minorities and Kashmiri citizens’ human rights and also made seven suggestions to help India’s human resources crisis.

The 41st UPR session is scheduled to take place at HRC Geneva from November 7-18.

The HRC heard statements from 130 states during the UPR of India on November 10.

Third Secretary Danyal Hasnain presented Pakistan’s national statement during the 4th UPR review for India, stating that the human rights of Kashmiri people and minorities continue to be violated with impunity and this abuse has been widely documented.

He further stated that India’s standing invitation to UN Special Procedure Mandate Holders to Kashmir during its previous UPR has never materialized.

Pakistan in its statement asked India to follow certain recommendations to address this issue which includes reversing illegal steps taken since August 5 and complying with Article 5 of the UN charter.

Pakistan asked India to allow office and independent observers to visit occupied territory along with releasing political prisoners, journalists, and human rights defenders.

The statement further asked India to repeal the armed forces special powers act with PSA, NSA, and NRC act.

Prosecute public officials who are inciting hate crimes and ratify the convention against torture in IIOJ&K.

However, India emphasized its efforts and attempts to better the situation of human rights in its National Statement. India reaffirmed its position on Kashmir and described it as an integral part of the Indian Union Territory.

Turkiye and the Czech Republic brought up the Kashmir issue in their statements and called for strong action to bring about lasting peace in Kashmir.

No specific remarks were made regarding the HR situation in IIOJ&K. Instead, the US delegate demanded transparency in the Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA), ratification of the Convention against Torture, and a reduction in the broad application of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).

The UPR report for India will be released and approved the next week, while the UPR result report will be approved at the UNHRC’s 52nd session, which is scheduled for February/March 2023.


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