‘Pakistan forced to take counter measures for West-supported Indian military growth’

Picture source - VCG via Global Times

Pakistan has been forced to take measures for restoration of the balance of power after neighbor and rival India has been increasing its conventional and nuclear military capabilities aided by the West.

According to media reports, a seminar on ‘National Security Imperatives – A Comprehensive Framework of Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Determinants’ hosted by Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS) in collaboration with Karakorum International University was held on Tuesday. The seminar was attended by senior military officials, nuclear and space technology experts, and academics and government officials.

Advisor to National Command Authority Lieutenant General (R) Mazhar Jamil, while addressing the seminar said that Pakistan had no other choice than to take countermeasures in response to growing Indian military capability and their attempts to create imbalance in the region.

The NCA advisor said that India had been using political and military support to suppress Pakistan and portray itself as a counterweight to China.

He further added the US-led West was providing India with advanced nuclear technologies, disregarding international reforms and their commitment to nuclear non-proliferation.

Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission member Zafar Iqbal said that SUPARCO had emphasized the use of space applications as a tool in development planning.

He told that a Space Application and Research Centre at Gilgit Baltistan would become fully operational in next spring.


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