Pakistan has a civilian government that is democratically elected, says US State Dept

The United States Department of State Spokesman Ned Price, on Tuesday, stated that Pakistan had a civilian government that was democratically elected and the US respected that.

As per a media report, while speaking at a press conference about US Deputy Secretary Wendy Sherman’s meeting with Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa, Ned price stated that “Pakistan has a civilian government that is democratically elected and that’s our (principal) interlocutor”.

Ned Price also expressed Washington’s respect for its longstanding cooperation with Pakistan. He also stated that we meet and speak with Pakistan’s officials regularly on a range of issues. He further stated that both states “have a number of shared interests … there are security interests, there are economic interests, there are people-to-people ties and connections as well.”

He added that Afghanistan and the region’s security challenges are always there when Washington has high-level talks with Pakistani counterparts.

While discussing the misuse of flood relief funds, Ned refuted all rumours, claiming that the US closely monitors aid sent to disaster-stricken areas.

He also stated that a team from the United States visited at least ten districts in Sindh and Balochistan last month to assess humanitarian conditions and flood relief efforts.


  1. If it was elected government people would not have been on streets since the removal of Imran Khan. Soon US puppet goverment is going to be removed by Imran Khan. It will be all over the news within few months.


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