Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi celebrates 76th Independence Day with zeal, unity

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    The Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi celebrated Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day with enthusiasm and patriotism.

    Aizaz Khan, Chargé d’ Affaires, raised the Pakistani flag, and High Commission members attended with their families.

    Messages from Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister were shared, and Aizaz Khan praised the efforts of leaders like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in creating a separate homeland for Muslims. He emphasized the importance of unity, economic progress, and social justice for the nation’s success.


    Aizaz Khan also honored the sacrifices of Pakistan’s armed forces and highlighted the nation’s commitment to peace.

    Children from the High Commission performed national songs and speeches, underlining Pakistan’s historic struggle.

    The event concluded with gifts, a cake cutting, and a reminder about the need to address the Kashmir issue for lasting peace in the region.