Pakistan introduces mobile app for women to report harassment

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In order to receive complaints from any location, the Federal Ombudsman for Harassment, Fozia Waqar, has launched an application for complaints against harassment.

Unfortunately, there are no specifics regarding the app’s functionality or name; however, we anticipate hearing more news in the near future.

Fozia claimed during a media interview that harassment is a widespread problem and that numerous university students have filed complaints. According to the research, 26% of female students were harassed in higher education institutions in 2019, with 56% of students experiencing harassment.

Fozia Waqar stated that concerns had come from the Punjabi cities of Bahawalpur and Iqra University. The occurrence at the Islamic University of Bahawalpur was regrettable. The institution’s head security officer was detained for drug possession, which brought it to light.

She claimed that 857 documented incidents of harassment occurred in 2022, and that harassment also includes depriving women employees equal opportunity for promotion and raising their wages.

She stated that incidents of domestic violence are outside the purview of their organization and added that they should report any mistreatment of a domestic employee, male or female. There have also been instances of men alienating one another.