Pakistan launches ‘Beep Pakistan’, alternative to WhatsApp

App to be used by IT Board, Ministry in first phase; agencies in second phase; it’ll be made available throughout Pakistan in third phase

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“Beep Pakistan”, the Pakistan’s answer to the well-known messaging service WhatsApp has been unveiled by the government.

Syed Amin Ul Haque, the federal minister of information technology, on Monday unveiled “Beep Pakistan.

“We are launching Beep Pakistan, the nation’s first communication app, on a 30-day trial run today,” stated Haque during the launching event. “This day marks an important milestone for Pakistan’s IT industry.”

“In the initial stage, the app will be used for internal communication between the National Information Technology Board and the Ministry of IT and Communication.

“All government agencies will be able to use the app in the second phase. The software will be made widely available throughout Pakistan in the third phase.

The government said that WhatsApp substitutes had been released in adjacent nations including Bangladesh and India.

We’ve gotten a little behind on this, but it’s better to be late than never, he remarked.

The minister described the app’s functions, including data sharing, audio calling, video calling, and conference calling.

The major benefit of this software, according to him, is that it is completely safe and secure because its server and source code would be located in Pakistan.

NITB’s contribution, Haque praised, adding that “we can now proudly say Pakistan has a WhatsApp alternative.”

The ministry has started 83 new projects in the previous 3.5 years, totaling Rs77 billion across Pakistan. In order to boost connection there, “we have targeted second- and third-tier cities,” he added.

According to Haque, more than 3.3 million kids have received digital skills instruction from the Ministry of IT.

Three more National Incubation Centers (NIC) were also founded while our leadership, he said.