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Pakistan Navy’s art exhibition pulls huge crowd of Lahoris

Three-day exhibition gives new experiences to art lovers

Starting on March 21, the Pakistan Navy’s exhibition with the title of ‘Maritime Treasures of Pakistan’ managed to pull a huge crowd of Lahoris at Alhamra Arts Council, Mall Road, Lahore.

The solo exhibition by Dr. Javeria Nabahat Amin was unique in itself, as the first time in Pakistan, an art exhibition had a combination of visual art, poetry and augmented reality.

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The participants, as they entered Gallery No 4, were able to see a poem next to each art piece, and were instructed to scan a QR code, through which they could download an application Artivive.

Through the application, participants could direct their camera on the oil painting, and were able to see the objects in the paintings moving. to see the artwork moving

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The exhibition had 24 art pieces showing Pakistan’s coastal areas, with two paintings showing beautiful verses from the Quran.

“Through this artwork, I have shown the marine treasures of Pakistan. It took twelve months of hard work and research to make this series a reality. The process of painting each piece is a story in itself, the emotions affiliated to each stroke of the brush and how it directly related to my soul,” said Dr. Javeria Nabahat Amin.

To watch more live artwork from the exhibition, click here

Commodore Sohail Ahmed (r), while speaking at the occasion, said, “It is a humble effort from an artist who has not only added colours to the maritime canvas of Pakistan but also introduced literature and high-tech augmented reality to the exposition.”

He further added that the objective of this exhibition was to promote maritime awareness amongst the old and young alike.

All the artworks had poetry written along with them. The pieces included ‘Claiming the Water’, that was based on the concept of inclusion of the waters of Junagarh into Pakistan; the ‘Sphinx of Balochistan’; ‘Princess of hope’; ‘Operation Dwarka’ and ‘Coral Bleaching at Churna Island’.

The exhibition will end on March 23.



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