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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Pakistan not prepare to tackle new Covid variants

Pakistan is not prepared to combat new Covid variants as new variants are spreading in different parts of the globe like India, China, and the US.

Although the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) stated that the situation was being closely monitored still there are no measures like rapid testing and screening of inbound travellers at airports to detect positive cases of Covid-19.

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Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan said, “We have been closely observing the situation. It is a fact that a sudden spread [of Covid-19] has been observed in China because there were strict restrictions in place and an abrupt removal of these curbs allowed the virus to spread.”

He also added that it is yet to be determined how the new variant would behave in Pakistan.

Dr. Khan also claimed that the immunity of Pakistani citizens is better due to good vaccinations.

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He also added that new variants may cause problems for those who have not been immunized, so I would advise people to get vaccinated and booster shots. Even though the NCOC has not issued any guidelines, I would advise people to avoid social gatherings for a few days.


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