Pakistan plans to build JF-17 third generation

Picture source - AFP

The Pakistani Air Force (PAF) fleet that shot down two Indian aircraft in retaliation for New Delhi’s aggressiveness in February 2019 included the JF-17 Thunder fighter jet, and Pakistan has started work on launching the third generation of the aircraft.

The second iteration of the aircraft is now on exhibit at the four-day (November 15–18) International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS 2022) taking place at the Expo Centre in Karachi.

The PAF pilots were able to show their professionalism while the fighter jets displayed their capacity in February 2019.

An officer of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra-Pakistan recounted that PAF pilots flying the JF-17 Thunder shot down two Indian aircraft and captured Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Abhinandan Varthaman while highlighting the fighter jet’s salient characteristics.

The jet was developed by Pakistan in partnership with China, and it was added to the PAF in 2007. The first advancement was made in 2015.

“Further upgrading is underway,” the official continued.

According to representatives of Global Industrial and Defence Solutions (GIDS), they developed the Integrated Electronic Warfare System, which enables forces to sense, defend, and communicate within a 30 to the 35-kilometre range.

GIDS officials said, “We have developed the system at the one-fourth cost against what Pakistan used to spend to import it earlier.”


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