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Pakistan railway faces serious fuel crisis and financial setbacks

Pakistan Railways has begun to experience a recurring fuel crisis as the state-run organization continues to suffer financial setbacks as a result of the floods.

The amount of fuel needed by certain stations for the engines to run has fallen short.

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According to local media reports, the management of the Lahore engine shed only had 90 thousand litres of diesel available, and as of Tuesday, the fuel at the Faisalabad station was not even anticipated to last a day.

The problem is far more complicated in Sukkur and Multan divisions. However, the Lahore administration was providing the much-needed diesel to the two passenger trains and the solely dedicated freight train that was still operating on the entire network.

Railways were outsourcing diesel from a private company, according to Additional General Manager Amir Baloch, who disputed that there was a diesel shortage.

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He continued by saying that the trains would keep purchasing diesel from the private enterprise as needed.

The major disruption in train operations caused by the terrible floods and the ensuing losses and damages was one of the contributing causes. As a result, the railways have been unable to generate their monthly revenue.

The railway network currently only has a few freight trains, one train travelling between Lahore and Rawalpindi, and one Khyber Mail train running from Peshawar to Rohri station.




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