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Pakistan rendered invaluable sacrifices for global peace: Baligh

Punjab Governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that Pakistan is a peaceful country and has rendered invaluable sacrifices for global peace.

Talking to the participants of the 52nd Pakistan Navy Staff Course at the Governor’s House here on Monday, he said Pakistan waged a long war against terrorism, and the role of armed forces is unparalleled.

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Rear Admiral Javed Iqbal led the visiting delegation.

Participants from Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Oman, Palestine, Yemen, South Africa and Sri Lanka comprised the delegation.

The governor said the country is currently facing many challenges, including political and economic instability, adding that continuity of policies is crucial for economic stability.

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He said continuity of policies for at least 15-16 years enabled the developed countries to reach current economic supremacy.

Balighur Rehman said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would open new avenues for economic development in the country.

He said implementation of the CPEC project slowed down after 2018, but now the current government is determined to complete it again.

He said the improvement of the economy is the top priority of the government. He said the government was faced with the cruial issue of rehabilitation of flood victims in which an important aspect is to bring flood victims out of trauma.

He said as chancellor of universities, he and vice-chancellors of educational institutions have made an effective strategy to address this problem.

The governor told the officers that their participation in this course would be a mutually enriching experience and they would be equipped with better knowledge, skills and abilities. “I wish you all the best for the future,” he said.

On this occasion, Rear Admiral Javed Iqbal informed the governor about the various features of the course. He said that in this course, attention was paid to improving the leadership skills of the officers, adopting effective strategies during the war and issues related to national security.


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