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Monday, February 6, 2023
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Pakistan responded courageously to disaster, says PM

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif while opening the Geneva climate conference 2023 summit stated that apart from the aid Pakistan received from different states, the state itself act courageously in disaster.

At the opening session of the International conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan PM Shehbaz urged the world to help flood-faced Pakistan.

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Pm said that World is standing at a turning point in History today.

“This raises not only a question of how to survive but also how to maintain our bodies, dignity, and honor by moving forward with a sense of purpose and achievement,” said PM.

Premier recalled that this year’s monsoon in Pakistan was a monsoon on steroids, affecting 30 million people, uprooting more than 8 million people, and destroying 8,000 kilometers of highways.

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PM also thanked Asian Development Bank, the UN, International Monetary Fund, and several other international organizations for their support throughout the crisis.

“But nothing can go back to normal. We will have to keep making tough choices and I am painfully aware that harsher reforms will make lives harsher than ever before.” he pointed out.
PM also contended that the resource gap was so wide that it had to be reshaped.

The premier continued by stating that his administration had created the 4RF plan, a comprehensive strategy for recovery, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and resilience.

PM explained that the first section of the plan focuses on recovery and reconstruction, with a minimum financial requirement of $16.3 billion, which will be covered by a combination of local and international resources for half of the total.

He clarified that the second half of the plan included flood-resilient architecture and infrastructure, such as safeguarding roads and warning systems, for which $8 billion would be needed over three years.

PM said, “I am asking for your support for those who have lost their life savings, homes, and livelihoods and are facing the harsh winter under open skies.”

PM concluded his speech by saying I requesting a long-term international support strategy to tackle this enormous problem and provide a new lifeline for these individuals. Together, we must rebuild their dreams and lives.


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