Pakistan strongly condemns illegal arrest of Islamic scholars in IIJOK

Pakistan has condemned the arbitrary arrests and illegal detention of eminent Islamic scholars and five members of the Jamaat-e-Islami party in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

On Sunday, according to a press release from the Foreign Office (FO), Pakistan vehemently denounced the Indian act of illegal arrest of Islamic scholars in IIOJK

According to APP, India has detained several eminent Islamic scholars since Thursday, including Maulana Sarjan Barkati, Maulana Dawoodi, Maulana Veeri, and Abdul Majeed Dar Almadni.

They have been lodged at Kot Bhalwal Jail in Jammu under the Public Safety Act (PSA).

The FO issued a statement saying that such deplorable actions only days ahead of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) sessions were a manifestation of “India’s growing intransigence and utter disregard of human rights and fundamental freedoms”.

It said that the harsh PSA’s arrest provisions were a “deplorable preemptive step” by Indian authorities who intended to “illegally occupy” waqf board properties with important religious significance.

The FO said, “These politically motivated arrests are clearly meant to stifle the voice of the Muslims of IIOJK and further marginalize them.”

It further stated that Pakistan demanded the immediate release of the professors and all other Kashmiris who were being held against their will.

Amnesty International raised a significant alarm earlier this month on the worsening repression of rights in IIOJK during the previous three years.