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Pakistan strongly rejects false terror charges by India

Pakistan strongly rejected the “recent spate of false terrorism-related assertions” made by India, saying that “detached” incidents were being portrayed as a “so-called terror plot”.

On Sunday, in a statement, Foreign Office Spokesperson Asim Iftikhar mentioned recent instances that were reported by the Indian media.

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The FO spokesperson said, “In order to build on this orchestrated ‘terrorism’ narrative against Pakistan, a section of the Indian media has reported that India had intercepted a message from a ‘Pakistani’ WhatsApp number as well as seized an ‘empty boat’ in Maharashtra along with some weapons.”

He also added that some portions of the Indian media had also linked this to “preposterous claims about a so-called ‘Mumbai style’ attack being planned”.

The Foreign Office added Indian media had also reported that Indian intelligence and border forces were on high alert for any ‘cross-border infiltration’ attempts along Rajauri.

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The FO rejected these statements, stating, “All this is nothing but a continuation of the sinister Indian design to yet again raise the ‘terrorism’ bogey to malign Pakistan.”

The FO statement said, “The possibility of a choreographed ‘false flag activity’ to target Pakistan and negatively affect its political and economic interests cannot be ruled out, as Indian propaganda is pointing in that direction.”

“India must understand that no amount of its false propaganda would be able to stop Pakistan from exposing India’s brutal treatment of the Kashmiri people through an ongoing military siege, the use of indiscriminate force, extrajudicial killings, the imprisonment of Kashmiri leaders and youth, a crackdown on the media and human rights activists, and the denial of access to international human rights and humanitarian organizations,” the statement said.

FO also said that India must answer for violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in IIOJK.



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