Pakistan strongly rejects Indian unfounded accusations

India should reform its terrorist credentials and stop reckless allegations against Pakistan, FO

Pakistan has strongly rejected all statements and unfounded accusations aimed at it by the Indian leadership at the ‘No Money for Terror’ ministerial conference in New Delhi.

According to the Foreign Office, New Delhi has continued its ongoing narrative to mislead the world about Pakistan’s counter-terrorism credentials by repeatedly levelling false accusations of alleged involvement in the financing of proscribed terrorist organizations to malign Pakistan at every available forum.

“Our robust and credible AML/CFT actions and satisfactory implementation of FATF Action Plans duly secured Pakistan’s successful removal off the Grey List this October,” the statement said.

The FO expressed sorrow that India was continuing its persistent terror campaign in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). “There is no justification for India’s state-sponsored terrorism in IIOJK, where its security forces terrorize, torment and torture innocent Kashmiris every day,” the statement said.

The FO further underlined that Swami Aseemanand was acquitted in India in 2019. He was the primary culprit in the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing that killed 43 Pakistani residents in Indian Territory,

The FO emphasized that India’s participation in promoting terrorism within Pakistan was well-documented. According to the statement, Pakistan will unveil a detailed dossier including proof of India’s participation in subversive operations in the nation in November 2020.

It stated that Kulbhushan Yadav was clear proof of India’s direct involvement in sabotage and terror. It further added that Indian ties to the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other anti-Pakistan factions within Afghanistan were also widely known.

FO has also asked India to promptly reform and improve its own terrorist credentials and to stop recklessly making bogus allegations against Pakistan for selfish political advantage.


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