Pakistan to face shortage of petrol and high-speed diesel

The oil and gas industry has informed the administration of an impending shortage of gasoline and high-speed diesel (HSD) due to insufficient imports and restricted accessibility.

The Oil Companies Advisory Council (OCAC) drew government attention to an expected shortage of both products.

According to the OCAC, motor spirit/petroleum and HSD shipments were finalized after comprehensive deliberation and permitted to oil marketing companies (OMCs) in accordance with their supply in the product availability review of products for November 2022.

It was noted during the meeting that HSD imports in November could be difficult because of limited availability in the international market and extremely high premiums; thus, only PSO has scheduled shipments of 220,000 MT & 10,000 MT by Flow Petroleum.

Several OMCs (oil marketing companies) had October sales that were significantly higher than anticipated demand and have been carrying low fuel stocks since October 2022.

The OMCs, who were scheduled to receive imports for use in October, obtained their consignments in the last week of October; as a result, the product was not accessible for use during the month it was supposed to be.

“With the current sales trend and the number of days cover currently maintained by the OMCs, we anticipate product availability challenges in various regions of the country in the days ahead, due to insufficient imports and limited local avails,” the OCAC said.


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