Pakistan to launch 5G technology in 2023

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Aminul Haque during a meeting with Zong CEO Wang Hua on Tuesday declared that Pakistan would introduce 5G technology in 2023.

Discussions in the meeting focused on the use of the telecom spectrum, 5G technology, connectivity, and the delivery of high-quality telecom services.

The minister emphasized that the IT ministry’s primary goal was the supply of broadband services and he urged the telecom industry to enhance its infrastructure in order to offer customers high-quality services.

He declared, “Everything is being done to address the problems the cellular mobile providers are experiencing.”

To meet the difficulties of the digital world, he declared his determination to introduce 5G technology the next year.

Zong CEO Wang Hua stated during the meeting that Zong was prepared to fully work with the Ministry of IT in the launch of 5G technology and that Zong would soon be introducing a microfinance application for e-commerce.


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