Pakistani Annural Khalid lights up Times Square as Spotify’s ‘EQUAL Ambassador’

Pakistani Annural Khalid lights up Times Square as Spotify's 'EQUAL Ambassador'
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Annural Khalid, the talented musician from Pakistan, has reached remarkable heights in her musical journey, earning the prestigious title of Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for July. Her soulful compositions and emotionally resonant voice have captivated audiences, propelling her to new levels of fame and recognition.

As a testament to her growing popularity, Annural now graces the digital billboards of Times Square, New York City, alongside other celebrated female musicians. One of her deeply personal tracks, “Trust Issues,” found its place on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist, further cementing her presence in the music streaming world.

Annural’s musical journey began at an early age when she started singing around the time she learned to speak. In 2020, she officially debuted as an artist and has since released multiple singles, collaborating with renowned names within the local music industry. Her songs defy specific genres but carry a blend of chill pop and R&B elements.

Ecstatic about being selected as Spotify Pakistan’s EQUAL artist for July, Annural expressed her excitement about the empowering initiative that exclusively represents women in music, particularly in Pakistan. She believes that Spotify’s impact on musicians is groundbreaking and holds hope for the future of music in the region, especially for female artists.

Annural’s passion for music knows no bounds, and she draws inspiration from her idol, Rihanna. She cherishes her first on-stage performance as one of the most unforgettable experiences in her life. Currently working on an album, she aims to continue delighting her fans with her captivating melodies for years to come.

Some of Annural’s popular tracks, such as “Kehdena,” “Mujhe Leh Chal,” “Dil de Bol,” “Pretty Lies,” and “Sohneya Ve,” have further solidified her place as a rising star in the Pakistani music scene.

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