Pakistani-descent candidates break new ground in US elections

Picture source - Reuters

Pakistani descent candidates with other Muslims who ran for office made history by winning 83 of their constituencies in the United States midterm elections.

According to World News Agency, 150 Muslim candidates, including 51 for the legislative of 23 states, were on the ballot this time.

Council on American-Islamic Relations and Jetpac, an NGO suggests that 83 out of 150 Muslim candidates—45 of whom ran for legislatures and the rest for local governments won their elections.

A Muslim candidate has a good chance of winning this election and becoming the first senator ever elected in American history. The award may be given to Turkish-born Dr. Mehmet Oz, a well-known TV personality.

Alisha Khan, a 21-year-old New Brunswick, New Jersey, school board candidate, immigrated to America with her parents from Karachi. Alisha, who just three years ago graduated from high school, is the youngest person ever elected to the state legislative assembly.

Similarly, Pakistani-born candidates Salman Bhojani and Suleman Lalani ran for office in Texas on the ballots of the party in power.

Nabila Islam and Ruwa Romman, two Muslim women who won Republican seats, have joined Sheikh Rehman as the only other Muslims in the Georgia state legislature.

Andre Carson, a Muslim Democrat from an Indiana district, made history when he was elected to Congress for a record-breaking seventh time.

According to Axios, a large number of Indian and Pakistani Asian-Americans were elected this year.


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